Reach out to former Students, current Mentors, and former Mentors to get their advice and perspective on college, career paths, and related topics. They are here to help you.
Alumni and Mentors
Help current students with real world insights and experiences that would greatly benefit them make a more successful transition to college and their career paths.

How Centenary Connect Works

Five Easy Steps


We ask interesting questions to get to know you better and how best to serve you efficaciously and with the least amount of noise and clutter.

You can be very active or you can be very passive, but we will try to maximize what you are trying to achieve.


Everyone on this platform has opted in to help each other, so you should not be shy. However, we should all respect everyone's time as we are more about the quality of the relationships rather than quantity.


The power of conversation is far greater than texts, email, and "number of connections." All contact info is kept confidential and all conversations are conducted through a conference call number, so everyone can better maintain privacy.

We love feedback and strive to make this experience the best it can be for you. We respect your privacy and would never sell your information in any way.

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